Community Fund Raising

Interested in fund raising for your school, church, organization or charity?

Sensible Toner Inc. is interested in working with any organization that has a need to raise funds to help others. We work with several customers already providing a rebate per cartridge purchased to supplement their "Angel Fund" operations for children or pets.

We will make a $50.00 donation to your Angel Fund or Tuition Assistance Fund with your first order.

We keep track of all purchases and we send out a check quarterly based on purchases made.

We give $5.00 for every cartridge sold with a value under $100.00

We give $10.00 for every cartridge sold with a value of $100.00 or more. This applies to Laser cartridges only.

Please give me a call at 844-409-3080 to discuss our offer. We will also be happy to provide recycling for our cartridges. Shipping is Free and you receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee always.

Please Call and ask for Ozzie and Cee if you have a pet related charity or give Tom a call, he would be happy to speak with you as well.

Ozzie and Cee